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Man Livestreams His Suicide On Facebook Over Daughter’s Wedding


A Turkish man identified as Ayhan Uzun, has taken his own life because his daughter had chosen to marry without his approval.

In In the horrifying video being circulated on social media, the 54-years old man is seen speaking to the camera while calling out his family for the wedding which he did not approve. As Ayhan Uzun, from Kayseri, central Turkey, unleashed the tirade on his family, he held a handgun to his head.

Here’s what he said moment before he commited the gruesome suicide.

“I am live streaming tonight, and it is my will, I do not want the ones who put me in this position to attend my funeral.”

“On my daughter’s happiest day (her engagement), they called me and said to me: ‘Father come have a treat’. Nobody asked about me. Nobody treated me like a man. My father-in-law took my place and without having a right he approved my daughter’s wedding. Nobody said this girl’s father is alive. Though I would have waited for my daughter and family to say to me: ‘Come father, be with us’.

“My wife called me and she told me. I said to her why didn’t you come to tell me, and she said: ‘We cannot make a personal visit to you…’ Maybe some of you will call this a show. I do not want anybody to go through this thing that I am going through. A little later I will put an end to my life with the gun I am holding in my hands.”

“Goodbye, I am leaving, take good care of yourselves.”

His body has since being taken to a morgue for an autopsy.

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