In a weird but true report, a young man has been arrested and this was after he put semen in the water bottle and honey jar of a lady he proposed to.

The man is identified as and this lady is reported to be his co-worker. He had no option than to carry out this dubious act after she rejected him.

Reports suggest that this man put semen on the woman’s workspace, and also her bottle of honey she normally uses for her tea.

The 30-year-old man was arrested on Monday, September 21 after the lady filed a complaint against him to the HR department.

On the day of the incident, this lady saw a “cloudy substance” in her water bottles when she arrived at work. Her boss then agreed to place a surveillance camera facing her desk, and when she arrived one morning to find a “milky white substance” on her keyboard the footage was checked.

In a report by Mercury News, the video retrieved from the camera revealed that Millancastro had waited until the woman left before putting his semen from a tissue on to her keyboard.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also put his semen on the water bottles and jar of honey.



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