After playing a trick on his wife, a guy found his wife cheating on him, according to a Twitter user known as @RealDonaldDoo.

The narrator said the man had earlier staged a trip abroad and told his wife (a day before her birthday) that he had obtained a visa, with the purpose of surprising her with a car gift as her birthday drew close.


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The man, on the other hand, went ahead and got the car, picked up his kids from school with the new ride the next day, and when he returned home, he discovered his wife had already moved in with another man.

Sharing the story, he wrote;

“Guy faked a journey a day to his wife’s birthday, to buy her a car and told her he has gotten his visa.

On her birthday he picks their son from school with the car and returns home, only to meet his wife with another guy.

This month”

In other news, a man identified on Twitter as Samuel Ajayi has revealed the first time he had the opportunity to lock lips with his wife.

According to the PhD Student pursuing Nuclear Physics in Florida State University, he had the chance to kiss his wife for the first time on their wedding day. He added that they courted for 3 years and 8 months. His revelation has since stunned many socialites who find it difficult to believe.

He evoked several disparaging comments from netizens. When someone slammed him saying it’s not an achievement for him to wait till the wedding to kiss his wife, he replied that one’s doesn’t determine what achievement is for another person who has already set a goal.

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He stated that he purposely shared it on the microblogging platform because he wants people to know there are still individuals who wait till marriage before they have sekz.

When asked how this is possible, he said Decision, Honor, Mentorship. According to him, he and his wife were in their early twenties and they set boundaries for themselves.

See some reactions from netizens;

iambgo wrote; Well, she wasn’t your wife for those 3 years and 8 months, so you couldn’t have kissed ‘your wife’ before your wedding day We sef no dey kiss ‘our wife’ till wedding day, na our girlfriend we dey kiss

maytech_design wrote: Not my generation them go leave you follow Uche

princeobiofficial wrote: Uncle that’s ur business. Y r u now telling us. That’s if another nigga bn no dy help u run am. Getat Abeg



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