All over Social Media is now inundated with showing of skin. Many ladies think you have to show much skin to look beautiful. Others think, to get more likes on your photos, then you have to show much skin.

Actress Yvonne Nelson was on JOY FM’s Showbiz A to Z Show with Naa Ashorkor, and when asked why ladies want to show off more flesh lately, she said,

” People get carried away from the likes and views on social media so they go on to show more skin to gain that attention. If it wasn’t for the job I do I wouldn’t be on social media. It is so much work “


Yvonne Nelson also disclosed that she wishes John all the best.

” I support John Dumelo as a politician. If he is going to serve the country well why not? I’m all for him, and wish me well”. Yvonne Nelson right there.


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