Ghanaian counselor, Counselor Frank Edem Adofoli has revealed that many men, especially those on social media who are doing their best to get the attention of ladies are not looking for life partners.

According to him, these men are looking for hookups and people who will be their sex mates and nothing more.

He made this known in a recent post on social media with reads;

“Truth be told, many men on social media are looking for hook ups, a sex mate and not a life partner. Lots of ladies are looking for someone who will take care of their expenses, not someone they want to build with. For some its just to satisfy their sexual fantasy.
Most of the conversations or chats which started in the name of dating are just sex driven and nothing more. It is sad to know that most of these relationships end up at guest houses and hotels. Lots of ladies don’t know the address or homes of these guys they had sex with.
These are enough reasons why you need an expert to help you find the right person, save yourself the stress. Counselor Adofoli is here to help. He counsels, coaches and matches singles.
As at now, he has a database of singles who are MATURE, HARD WORKING, INDEPENDENT, SERIOUS and have gone through counseling and coaching, available and ready to be matched to the right person.”




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