An unidentified man who is married decided to taunt a lady who turned down his proposal.


A Twitter user, @TheIgboWolf_ revealed that her female friend was being toasted by this married man who tried to cheat on his wife but his friend said no to him.

According to him, after his friend rejected his proposal, he sent his wife’s picture to her to show that his wife is finer than her. This narration has garnered mixed reactions from IG users and they have all condemned the man for acting childish.

See the tweet below;

See some reactions below;

Inferiority complex. People should have the freedom to chose who they want to be with or marry and that doesn’t mean you are bad or not up to standards, it simply mean you are not their choice. So sending a picture of your wife to the girl that rejected you is childish and a sign of inferiority complex. The [email protected] have her genuine reason for rejecting you.


This is the classic definition of SOUR GRAPES – used to refer to an attitude in which someone adopts a negative attitude to something because they cannot have it themselves.😊


Some people no well oo. So you get IPhone 13 Wetin make you still wan use iPhone 8 ? Cheating just dey blood of some people.

tufab wrote;

His wife is finer and he was still chasing her? The moment he was turned down, he suddenly realized his wife is finer😂 Petty and childish 🤦‍♂️

sireltee wrote;

Awwwnn! Someone’s still pained. He’s the type to say “I’m a little bit married”. He’ll cheat with every opportunity he gets.

timwest wrote


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