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Martha Ankomah Says We Should Ignore The Social Media Antics Of GH Actresses/Actors & That Her Colleagues Are As Broke As A Church Mouse


So Martha Ankomah, the Ghanaian actress I proudly call the most descent of all, granted an interview to JoyNews where she reinforced the notion some of us have about Ghanaian actors/actresses.

According to the delectable actress, beneath the gloss most of her colleagues portray on social media, there’s a can full of gloom and hopelessness.

The award-winning actress insisted these bunch of actors live a fake life on social media but in reality, the truth points to the opposite direction.

The actress said this because of the deplorable state of the Ghanaian movie industry and used the moment to appeal to the government to remedy the situation before they all end up in poverty.

Things Are Not Okay With Us. All The Flashy Are For Social Media Hype.

It’s Just Trying To Feel Significant In Public And That’S All.

Whatever You See On Social Media Isn’t Real As Portrayed By The Actors And Actresses. The Industry Really Needs Urgent Help.

Martha Ankomah also pointed accusing fingers at the influx of foreign Telenovelas which have seized almost all the TV stations in Ghana, suffocating the growth of our industry in the process.


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