A Kenya woman called Catherine Njeri has shared an emotional story during an interview with local station Hot 96 FM, detailing how she got raped by a course mate to which she consequently started sleeping with different men for fun and perhaps revenge.

Catherine, a former Sociology and Communication student at UON (University of Nairobi) said she got raped by a colleague during her second year at the final semester, a situation which forced her to be a sex predator- as it were.

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The young lady added that she could sleep with two men a day and as at the time of the interview, she has slept with almost 100 men.

“In a week I only spent 2-3 nights in my campus room. I was ‘a don’t care’, I never gave a damn… I never gave a damn as I was like what’s there in life that I have never seen?, she said.

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Now a fully reformed person, Catherine wants to use her new status to help women suffering from depression.

Watch the full video below;


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