How well do you know Meghan Ory? This article talks about this amazing actress from Canada who continues to mesmerize movie enthusiasts.

Who is Meghan Ory?

Meghan Ory is a well-known television and movie actress who hails from Canada renowned for playing Ruby in ‘Once Upon A Time’.

Meghan Ory Age

She is 41 years old.

Meghan Ory Height: How tall is Meghan Ory?

She stands at 5 feet, 5 inches tall.

What is Meghan Ory’s Nationality

She is a Canadian

Meghan Ory Early Life, Education

She was delivered as a baby on the day of August 20, 1982, in the city of Victoria, in Canada. She belongs to the Leo zodiac family.

She enrolled at Royal Oak Middle School where she partook in drama lessons and grabbed an award for Fine Arts in Acting in 1996.

Following that, she attended Claremont Secondary School where she furthered acquiring knowledge in acting as she took classes at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

At her leisure, Meghan enjoys watching actors, Will Smith and Angelina Jolie on her television sets. She adores animals and does have dogs as pets.

Meghan Ory

While in school, Meghan was very athletic and participated in various sporting activities. She frequented the gym and joined workout sessions.


Despite her great love for her acting job, you will find her in one state of the country or the other as she is very enthusiastic about seeing places. She mostly takes expeditions around Europe and sometimes across the globe to film her scenes and television series productions.

She is presently having a good time with her private life and she is always there for her family.

Who are Meghan Ory’s Parents?

She lived with her parents growing up. Her mother is Bonne and her father is Nathan Ory.

They shaped her and gave her the necessary training she needed that has moulded her into what she is today.

Does Meghan Ory have siblings?

She is not the only child of her parents, as she has a brother Jesse.

They both lived with their parents since their birth.

Meghan Ory Husband: Is Meghan Ory married?

Meghan fell in love with Canadian actor, John Reardon, in 2008 and tied the knot that same year after they had bumped into each other two years back.

They crossed paths while working on ‘Merlin’s Apprentice’ and after they became friends, they graduated into lovers.

Meghan Ory

After several years of marriage, they welcomed their first child in 2018 and made a disclosure about expecting their second in 2019.

John and Meghan are both very busy professionals, however, despite their tight schedules, they make time to spend quality moments with their children. They really understand each other considering the jobs they are both into and dedicate their energies and time to making sure their marriage work and wax even stronger as they age.

John Reardon was born in Halifax, Canada on July 30, 1975. He is a graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology but pursued acting as he took an interest in the field despite studying Sports and Medicine.

He gained notoriety for acting in ‘Edgemont’ from 2002-2006.

Does Meghan Ory have children?

She has three children with her husband, John Reardon.

Ory shared in October 2019 that they had a new addition to their family, a daughter. In January 2023, Ory announced the arrival of their third baby.

Meghan Ory’s Net Worth

Meghan is one of the most successful Canadian actresses and has a projected net worth of $ 2 million.

The main source of her earnings is from her acting career.

Meghan Ory Career

Meghan Ory had her stage debut when he was 8 years old in a nearby theatre. Her debut acting appearance was in the 1999 Fox Family Channel television film “The Darklings,” when she played Jessie Everett. Ory had a great chance to move into larger roles later in 2000 when she was chosen for a debut returning role as Julliete Waybourne in the TV series “Higher Ground.” In 2001, Meghan appeared as Melissa in the made-for-TV movie “Her Sister’s Keeper” and then joined the cast of the Canadian TV series “Vampire High.”

After five sporadic seasons, Meghan was ultimately cast in the recurring character of Ruby on the ABC TV series “Once Upon a Time” in 2011. However, Horowitz and Kitsis, the production’s executive producers, changed the show’s course.

Meghan Ory

Now, Ory’s portfolio contains more than fifty titles from both television and cinema.

In addition to acting, Ory is a writer who focuses on bullying. She also started modelling for the McConnell International Foundation’s runway, which was staged in support of charity.

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