A Kenyan media personality and Twitter influencer who uses the handle @amerix on the micro-blogging platform has urged married men to minimize the contact between their wife and her mother.


According to Eric, if your woman visits her mother all the time anytime she wants, then it is a red flag so he advised men to make their connection as narrow as possible.

Eric cautioned me to put a stop immediately or tell her never to come back.

See his tweet that has generated mixed reactions on Instagram.

Read some reactions below;

Very true, especially if the mother jumps from one church to another, your marriage will be controlled by one man of god somewhere.


He has a point tho… some mothers are not good advisers. Most of them always want control both families sad enough. Parents should learn not to interfere in their children’s marriage. Be blessed


What’s this? You want a man to marry someone’s daughter and take away the bond they share with their mother because you are paranoid.


I think you’re Speaking from experience,your mum must have spoilt your sister’s marriages 😂😂😂


Ah, my own mother??? This is very laughable, coming from the same gender that is always tied to their mum’s wrapper 😂😂😂😂


So because I marry her, make she no visit her mama again? So she should stop me from visiting my mum also abi😂😂


😂😂😂😂😂😂 that means Igbo men need to minimize contact with their mums o, those ones and mummy, 5&6. Everytime my mummy says😂😂




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