The Student Entrepreneurship Initiative (SEI) is an initiative by the Ministry of Business development in partnership with ICODE for Western Region. The whole purpose for the initiative is to inculcate entrepreneurship into students from the secondary school level. This is to encourage them to come out of school with business ideas or established businesses and knowledge they need to run a business even before they enter into the university, those who do not make it to the university can rely on these skills to become entrepreneurs. This initiative is going to change the narrative of the youth from job seekers to job creators.
The focus is to raise over 300 stupreneurs (Student entrepreneurs) from each participating school in the western region.

The schools in the Western region includes,
SHAMA senior high, GSTS, Ahantaman senior high and TADISCO. Entrepreneurship Clubs will be formed in these schools which will have patrons which will be teachers from the schools and coordinators as well as trainers who will be staffs from ICODE.
The stupreneurs will be taken through series of trainings, which will include business plan writing, steps to starting a business, entrepreneurship among other courses. There will be business idea pitches that will be organised for participating schools to enable them come up with feasible business ideas that are scalable and they will be given the chance to pitch their ideas and win prizes.


At the end of the day this initiative is to impact these youth to come out of school to be job creators and not job seekers, to equip them with entrepreneurial skills. This initiative is not for only business students, it is for all disciplines or courses. This will also enable the students studying courses that are practical to be able to learn how to market their skills, services and products when they come out of school.
For instance, the home economics student can learn how to sell their products or become good entrepreneurs after school.
This is a wonderful initiative that has come to stay.


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