KiDi could not believe his eyes when he recently encountered perhaps his biggest fan who looks so much like him.


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In fact, the resemblance between them is so striking that at a moment you might think the guy is KiDi’s twin brother. The unnamed guy was introduced to the Afrobeat superstar while he was having an interview at the studios of a TV station.

The doppelganger has the same height, stature and face as KiDi and even sports the same dyed hair the award-winning singer has.

In other news, a rare video of strippers immersed in their modus operandi and giving mourners doses of their sensuality at a funeral has surfaced on the internet.

The strippers were purposely invited to perform at a funeral in Pretoria, South Africa and when they did and performed for the guests, it swung them into a different realm altogether despite the solemn occasion.

In the video circulating online, the young ladies could be seen on a stage, twerking and dancing on two men said to be relatives of the deceased, who reportedly worked as a stripper while alive.

As they performed, many mourners looked on in disbelief especially considering the fact that a coffin containing the corpse of the late family member was right behind them.

Click here to watch the video.



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