Reports from Uganda indicate that over 200 prisoners have escaped from prison.

This was after these prisoners overpowered their guards. Per the reports, they took away at least 15 guns, however, two were unfortunate as they lost their lives through the process.

This was confirmed by the country’s military spokesperson Brigadier Flavia Byekwaso adding that the incident occurred on Wednesday in Karamoja, a remote, semi-arid northeastern region.

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Confirming the incident, she said;

“It’s a mass escape… these were hard-core criminals.

A big security operation was underway to recapture them and two of the inmates had been killed in the pursuit while two were re-arrested.

The fact they had some weapons and a head-start of hours of darkness made the search more difficult.

They’ve had a whole night to disperse and hide, it complicates our efforts but we shall get them.”

It was Uganda’s third prisoner escape since the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus disease in March.



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