This term just means someone who lavishes ladies with money and gifts and mostly, these men are not loved by these ladies.

The counsellor addressed this in his latest submission on Facebook titled, ‘MR. PAYER’ IS NOT A FOOL, JUST A MAN IN LOVE.

Read full message below;

“I believe you have heard of the word or term “Mr. Otua” in the Twi language, which literally means Mr. Payer aka ATM. This is not a person paying for goods or services or a debt incurred but rather paying for love. Some ladies mistaken a man who loves them so much and willing to make any sacrifice to see them happy, as a fool who needs to be taken advantage of.

They see such a man as a fool because they are not in love with him but are willing to be in a relationship with him just to suck him dry. They make all kinds of crazy demands thinking that might push the poor guy away. On the other hand, the guy who is so much in love with them believes meeting those demands is one way of proving how much he loves her.

Such act is evil, pure wickedness. If you don’t love someone, let them know and don’t lead them on in a wrong relationship for your selfish gain. The more the man gives to you or spends on you, the harder it is for him to let go the relationship. So, if you don’t want him, don’t let him get attached to you by taking money and gifts from him. Don’t let him invest in you.

It might be easy for you to break off the relationship with him when you think you have gotten all that you want or after you’ve milked him dry. But the truth is, he might not be able to move on. He might live with the lies, t he manipulation, the painful experiences or the memories for life.


Moving on might sound simple for you or seem easy to do. What he is leaving behind is what makes it difficult for him to move on. How do you expect him to let go the one he had given his all or best to? How do you expect him to move on after sacrificing so much just to be with you or stay with you? How do you want him to let go when he has invested so much into the relationship?

There is no excuse for taking advantage of someone who loves you. Taking advantage of him, milking him dry doesn’t only leave him dry or broke, you also destroy him, you poison his psychic. The way he sees love changes. He might not be able to love again, he might not give his all in his next relationship, he might think every woman that comes his way is in to take advantage of him.

Taking advantage of him is like cheating on him because you know deep within you, you are not in love with him and also not telling him the truth. You are like someone who wants a good grade but doesn’t want to study for it and resorts to foul means. You are a cheater.

Such a man won’t be able to trust any other woman in the name of relationships or love. If you can’t accept him as your man, don’t accept his money. If you believe your first name and his last name wouldn’t sound great together, don’t lead him on.

Life is a journey; our paths will always cross and that is enough reason to treat people you meet on your way well. You should also remember that the end of a relationship is not the end of life. Treating someone bad because of a relationship blocks you of future opportunities and blessings. Being adults I will urge you not to end a relationship in a way that will make it hard or embarrassing in the future for you to meet face to face with them.
In conclusion, “You cannot fool God, so don’t make a fool of yourself! You will harvest what you plant” – Galatians 6:7 (CEV)”



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