On Tuesday, two buses collided at Dompoase on the Cape Coast – Takoradi Highway which killed 34 people on the spot including both drivers.

The Motor Traffic and Transport Department(MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service has linked the accident involving two buses to overtaking and reckless driving on the path of both drivers.

Supt. Dr. Sasu Mensah, head of Operations MTTD, said, drivers of the buses disregarded road signs prohibiting overtaking on that particular stretch of the road.

“From our interrogations and from passersby this is the third time accident has happened there. Basically, the issue is about drivers respecting traffic rules and regulations. This one especially had to do with the issue of overtaking. If they regarded the rules governing overtaking then I think that accident wouldn’t have happened and excessive speeding was also a contributive factor.”


As it stands now, 35 people are reported dead whilst others are severly injured and receiving treatment at hospital. Other sources state that a number of victims at the hospital receiving treatment are also dead.

Check accident images below:

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