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Multimedia’s Kojo Yankson Jabbed Over ‘Fake’ report On Gas Explosion


The source of the gas explosion which made headlines worldwide at Atomic Junction near Madina was twisted by a multimedia journalists, which also influenced the perception of Ghanaians.

The journalist in question is Kojo Yankson of Joy FM. Kojo Yankson in a video which has gone viral sort to recount the chronology of events that led to the explosion but as to whether he was at the scene at the time of the explosion has left many wondering.

He said:

“There was a leak during a loading exercise from one of the tanks here in this compound. Gas was pluming up into the sky, blowing up very fast and everybody in the area noticed it…Members of staff at the gas station evacuated immediately and called the authorities.

Within minutes, our chichinga stand operator decided to start work. In spite of the fact that there was escaping gas, he lit a flame under his Khebab and the flame shot up into the air and connected with the gas that was gathering in the air above the heads of all the people standing around…this flame connected with it[the gas] and set the entire sky above the people at this junction ablaze.”

Contrary to that report, the Ghana National Fire Service who has the right expertise to undertake such investigative exercise is urging the public to remain calm and desist from speculations while they carry on with work to ascertain the cause of the fire.

Ghanaians are tearing the journalist on social media for playing on their intelligence.








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