One musician who has really worked hard from 2002 and is now enjoying the fruit of his labour is AKA. AKA is a South African mainstream rap artist. He was born in Cape Town on January 28, 1988. AKA’s birth name is Kiernan Jordan Forbes. The rapper rose to fame after having joined a group with his two school mates. The rap group arose in 2002 and managed to garner a large number of successes; having entered South Africa’s music chart with a series of different released singles.

He started off rapping in 2002 and was part of the South African rap group Entity which scored the major hit ‘Touch ‘N’ Go’ in 2006.

AKA went solo after the group disbanded. Today he is one the famous rappers in Africa and a bona fide celebrity. He has been nominated for lots of awards and has won most of them. There is just no stopping for AKA.

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