Seasoned journalist, Israel Laryea commenting on memories he has about his father revealed that his father was very strict and that he never gave him some breathing.

According to Israel, his father’s strict nature was due to the fact that he was a military man. He disclosed that although he wasn’t a bad boy, his father never gave him that much freedom to do what he likes.

He revealed that, even if he went out play with friends, he had to get home before his father does else he will face his wrath.

“My dad was really strict because he was a military man. I wasn’t a bad boy but my dad won’t give me a breathing space. If I go and play in the next house, I will make sure I get home before my dad.”, he said.

He further added that, “Sometimes it’s my friends who alert me that my dad is coming so I run home. Sometimes I have to jump the wall and get home to shower before my dad comes so it shows that I haven’t gone out to play but I wasn’t lucky all the time.”



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