Actress Anita Joseph says she needs the approval of her husband before she can resume erotic roles in her movies.

In a fresh interview, the thespian revealed how marriage has influenced her life.

“For me, marriage has been a marital bliss and will always be. My husband is my friend, so with God on our side, we plan to remain that way. As a newly married actress, I manage my time better. I create more time for my family and also mindful of the kind of roles I accept.

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I am not really an erotic role-playing actress, but if I get a role like that, and it is all about good interpretation, then my hubby has to approve. I know my husband won’t stop me from acting. He wouldn’t. It is my art and he wouldn’t want me to change, rat her he complements and encourages me to achieve more,” she noted.


Reacting to the social media prediction that her marriage would not survive the test of time, just like some of her colleagues, the actress said, “It’s up to God and man for marriages to end. It takes more personal effort, and that’s what makes marriage to last. My parents were married until death and I intend to leave that example for my kids, with God as my helper.

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“However, if I am to counsel a heartbroken single lady right now, the most important thing she needs to know is that, there is life before (meeting) a man and there will be life after the man. The one who left you will make room for another to come. That’s life, she concluded.



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