There’s no gainsaying that coronavirus has really hit all of us with a devastating jolt and disrupted life activities. So worst is the disease that it’s even affected the relationship of a Nigerian woman.

She claimed because of the novel coronavirus, her man wants to terminate their first child. She narrated her sad story on social media thus:

I am so sad and distraught at the moment. This is not cheating or side chick issue. My fiance is loyal, sweet and very supportive. He never tells me no to anything i want. That is why i am hurt and confused.

“So my fiance proposed August last year. Everything has been good. He is my all. I found out on Monday that i was pregnant and i told him, next thing he said was i should abort the baby that he doesn’t want to raise a child in this COVID-19 era and he wants his child born in the US or Canada and both countries are on Lockdown now. Canada is not admitting residents.


“We have been fighting, it feels like we are going to break up. He said that if i have the child in Nigeria with our bad economy and infrastructure he won’t be part of it.

“I have been crying. I don’t want to involve my mother because she is too sensitive. Does he have a point? Is raising a baby this covid period a good idea.



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