A married man has sought the help of popular social media counsellor and relationship expert, Joro Olumofin to advise him on a pressing issue which is taking a toil on his sekz life.

According to this unnamed man, his wife honeypot smells so bad during lovemaking especially during the sekz position called 69 (I’ve no idea how that one looks like though..LOL!).

He said he used to enjoying the 69 position with her but things have been changing since the v*gina started oozing some foul smell lately and wondered if it could be an infection.

He wrote; “Since I and my wife got married in 2010, we have been doing 69 anytime we make love until we cum into each other’s mouth. But few months ago, I started perceiving a very strong bad odor oozing out of her vag anytime we want to do the 69.


“Please, could it be as a result of an infection? could she be having an affair? Please, I’ll be at the comment section in case any of your followers has a solution for smelling vag, thanks for the good work Joro.”


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  1. ibrahim Yakubu Reply

    don’t worry my brother. there is a particular product that can eliminate your wife’s issue in the shortest possible time. you can call me on 0544663630 for more. thank you

  2. Pls it could be infection, but the quick solution is let her insert garlic. Google treating candida with garlic and YouTube. It the best solution.

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