Nana Tornado has predictably shot back at ace broadcaster and fashionista, Kofi Okyere Darko aka KOD for describing him as a fool and non-entity.

Actually it was KOD who started it all by making a demeaning post on Facebook, questioning why the media pay attention to ‘creatures’ like him and vowed never to give him that space around him, whilst calling him a FOOL as well.

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You can’t step on Tornado’s tail and go scot free like that so we saw this coming- and it came with a bang! According to the Afia Schwarzenegger series actor, KOD is a complete failure who doesn’t deserve anyone’s attention.

In a video we sourced from social media, the actor said KOD’s kids were fathered by another man and even though he’s aware of it, he has not been bold to confront his wife since it’s actually the woman who takes care of him.

He really said a lot about KOD and it’s interesting how this new new feud will turn out in the coming days.

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