In a new update to the Coronavirus situation in Nigeria, new report says 28 persons have been quarantined in Ogun State on the suspicion that they have contracted the deadly infection. Plans are also far advanced to keep an eagle eye on the various borders and foreigners who come into the country.

The Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, disclosed this at a press briefing following the first case of coronavirus in Lagos.

According to the minister, the virus which travels faster by air than through sea travels can be imported through the nation’s borders.

Ehanire said;

“The virus can’t be moved through ships because the incubation will show. Before you cross the border the process is longer so the likelihood is less, though we are not removing the likelihood or possibility.

“If you are preparing for a challenge you must anticipate where the challenge is going to come from, It has to come by air and not ship so we are looking at that point of entry as the most critical

“The entry of such diseases mostly evolves through air travels even in the USA they recorded cases of Coronavirus, it has to have gone by air and not ship.

“So we are looking at that point of entry as the most critical. Looking at ship, it’s less likely because of the longer time of travel and the symptoms would break out during that long journey and would be incapacitated that he won’t travel further and when they come in they would be noticed to be sick. This is why we are prioritizing like that.”


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