The Concerned Small Scale Miners Union of Ghana (CSSMUG), has urged its members to fully participate in the upcoming new voters’s registration exercise.

According to the Association, any member who refuses to comply with the directives will have its operation closed down.

Read below the full statement issued by The Concerned Small Scale Miners Union of Ghana (CSSMUG) on the registration exercise;

The Concerned Small Scale Miners Union of Ghana (CSSMUG) by this press release calls on all small scale miners in the country to make themselves available for the upcoming voters registration exercise which is scheduled to commence on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

Members of CSSMUG must also endeavour to avail all their workers and dependants of age 18 and above for the very important exercise.

For the sake of the exercise, small scale miners are advised to work more in the night in order to make time to be registered within the day times.

Mine owners are also advised to divide the labour, so that one group may partake in the registration while the others work on the sites.


In the light of the COVID-19 scare, all mine owners must endeavour to take their workers through the safety protocols and provide them with nose masks and hand sanitizers before they leave the sites to the registration centres.

Strict adherence to the above directives is advised as our taskforce would be deployed to all the mining districts and sites to enforce them.

Mine owners who fail to adhere would have their sites closed down until all workers get registered for their voter ID cards.

Much as we strive to earn a living for ourselves and families for the benefit of the whole nation, we must also endeavour to exercise our civic duties as law abiding citizens of our dear nation.

Long live CSSMUGLong live small scale miningLong live Ghana
Michael Kwadwo Peprah – (President)



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