A Nigerian guy has taken to social media to make an awesome post about his lovely wife.


This young man flaunted his wife’s amazing statue when she was 7 months pregnant with their baby.

This guy is known as Chinde Adikwu with the Twitter handle @ChineduAdikwu and he wrote;

“How my wife looked 7 months into pregnancy. Some of us just get Luck.”

The post has garnered some views from social media users. Read some of the comments below;

@_divarly – Idk but that caption looks like you’re happy she didn’t have a big belly like having one is some sort of bad thing or unwanted thing and there’s women in these comments praying not to have big bellies when pregnant, that’s sick cause I know having big belly is one of the cuteness and fun of being pregnant. Please no one should let this caption make them feel a need to have no belly abeg. It’s “pregnant” and your bellies are beautiful ❤ with or without pregnancy.

@SavvyRinu – Some of us even look pregnant without being pregnant

@DavidHundeyin – Lol now tell us about the part where she would wake you up asking for roasted ice cream

@nensilas – You should be worried about it. I wonder how tiny the baby will be after birth.

@mhyzannie – My mom situation, she just comes back home with my younger ones

@slydeslow – Instead of being happy with him, some choose to attack him… Make una dey calm down no be everything be attack on una body

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