A very highly optimistic Upper East Regional Minister, Ms Paulina Patience Abayage has stated emphatically that President Nana Addo’s second term is a sure bet claiming that no mortal being can prevent it.

However, she revealed that the task to secure the President a second term is an herculean task, but she revealed that the President together with the members of the elephant family are going to take the bull by its horns and secure the victory come 2020.

“We have a lot of work to do before 2020 elections, it’s a daunting task, we have about one year to the next elections. Trust me whether anybody likes it or yes President Akufo-Addo will be crowned President in 2020 elections, Insha Allah and no human being can stop that.”, she said in a recent submission.


Madam Paulina Abayage subsequently charged the NPP constituency women organizers to go beyond the talks and work very hard in their constituencies to ensure that the party retains power.

She revealed that the NPP has a struggling past in the Upper East Region, she hopes that things will turn around in the 2020 elections where they can be able to win more parliamentary seats and voter margin for the presidential will also go up.

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