A Facebook user disclosed in a recent post that a woman’s beauty, academic qualifications and career achievements are all a waste if there is no man in her life she calls a husband.

The user identified as Destiny Chibuike wrote, “No matter the beauty and academic qualifications of a woman, without a husband, it’s a waste.”

This post was met with varied opinions with some supporting him but was also opposed by quite a number of people.

Loveth Ozor said: “My people , the poster is [right], just that he didn’t use the correct word.No matter how successful a woman is without husband , that woman is incomplete but Truth is bitter Sha.”

Chibuoyim Cornel Obi wrote: “If you say there’s no point in what he said come tomorrow and contest election in state or federal government and you will know the truth about this post.”

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Source: www.ghgossip.com

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