OAP N6 has advised Nigerians ready to marry to do so when they are ready and not because they want some good luck as nobody’s son/daughter does that again.


In the olden days, some people marry into a particular family because they think that family members bring good fortune and even today there are people who still believe that but OAP N6 seems not to believe any of that.

According to him, wife and children don’t bring good luck nowadays hence when you want to marry do so because you are ready and capable of taking care of yourself and others which is your new family now.

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Adding that nobody’s son or daughter is a good luck talisman therefore when you are ready to marry make sure you are ready to work as well because he who works is the one that eats and not one who waits for a good luck charm.

Those who still believe that someone is their good luck charm never joke with them when they find them and they make sure to work hard not to bother them because they believe their progress which came as a result of the blessing of that person might go away if they mistreat the person.

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