Actress and reality TV star, Eriata Ese has made a case for her colleague, Annie Idibia after a Twitter user identified as Dr Penking suggested to Annie Idibia to walk out of her marriage following her marriage crisis.


Dr Penking advised Annie Idibia to re-evaluate her attitude considering the way 2Face’s family love and accepts his first baby mama, Pero because it shows that his family is not bad people contrary to what Annie made Nigerians believe.

He pointed out that if someone is good to every other person except you, you might be the problem.

Reacting to his submission, Eriata Ese described it as nonsense as she argued some women naturally don’t know how to kiss their in-laws as$ whilst some were born to do that.

According to the former Big Brother Naija housemate, one thing she has noticed with marrying into some families; if you are not worshipping them like God, they will never like you, and the only way you can get away with being yourself with some in-laws is when your family have money more than his family.

See screenshot below;

Here are some other reactions to their submissions;

@bshizzle70a wrote; “No, the husband determines everything: HE PUTS EVERYBODY IN THEIR PLACES – wife o , mother and father o , sisters , brothers , uncles , aunts etc . Nobody dis respects the other on his Turf”

@ewaworldofcreativity wrote; “Ese is right… You can’t please inlaw who doesn’t want to be pleased. Inunibini o kan tii aimo iwa wu, kii afi ojojumo kunle fun abinu Eni, kope kii won ma rojo Eni ni ibi😢”

@beckygreyson wrote; “My own is, if you dating someone especially a girl and his families doesn’t like you … take a bold step and walk out of that relationship … if u marry d son de will make life miserable for u 📌


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