Renowned Ghanaian counselor, Counselor Adofoli has indicated that it is not every date that leads to marriage.

He made this known in a message he shared via his social media handle on Facebook. According to him, men by nature are visual beings, adding that they fall in love by what they see, however, with women it is by what they hear.

He then went ahead to state that it is not every date leads to marriage as he advised individuals to take their time to study each other.

He also added that they should not fall for promises, stating that people can leave, even if they have promised a thousand times that they won’t.

His message reads;

Written by Counselor Adofoli

Rose is an author whose books are on display for sale at her bookstore. Roland, walks in and the cover of the book catches his attention, which happens to be the last copy of Rose’s book entitled “I’m Single”. He picks the book and assures Rose beyond doubt that he will surely buy it. Others came to ask for the same book but were told it was out of stock.

It’s time to close and Rose waits impatiently, because she has closed her accounts pending the money from Roland. Meanwhile Roland is standing among the shelves fidgeting with the book without making any decision.

Roland has had a change of mind. The c ontent didn’t match the cover which caught his attention. Because of his assurance he didn’t know how to go back on his word., so he just loitered around buying time to find an ideal excuse.


Roland finally confesses he won’t buy the book which greatly irritates Rose. Roland has wasted her time and also made her lose potential customers. In the end they parted on a bad note.

Roland represents a man who has seen a beautiful lady. He has fallen for her looks or appearance and has started making all sorts of promises. Rose, as the lady in question, falls for the words and starts building her expectations and hopes around it.

Some ladies even go to the extent of replacing their surnames with that of the guy’s. Some can even imagine their wedding day, life together, number of kids, cars, home, etc.

After getting closer the guy realizes it’s not what he wants. He loses interest, pulls back and starts giving excuses. The relationship then ends on a bad note.

Men by Nature are visual beings, they fall in love by what they see; but with women its by what they hear.

Not every date leads to marriage. Take your time to study each other. You should not fall for promises, for I learnt that people can leave, even if they have promised a thousand times that they won’t.

The truth is everybody knows how to love but few people know how to stay in love with one person forever.

If you want to have a successful marriage, don’t go in search for the perfect person, an expensive car, big home, elite profession or a fat bank account; for with all these, you can still have the worst marriage. You should rather look for someone who is honest, hardworking, loyal, selfless, vision-focused, and above all someone who makes you smile.

We create our own heart breaks called expectations but the good books cautions us in Proverbs 27:1 (CEV) “Don’t brag about tomorrow! Each day brings its own surprises.”

To all the guys “…a real soldier does his bragging after a battle, not before it.” – 1 Kings 20:11 (GNT).”



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