Sarah Igunbor, Governor Godwin Obeseki’s Senior Special Assistant on Political Liaison (Digital Media), has reacted to an apparent attempt to smear her reputation.


Ms. Igunbor refuted the idea that all women in politics sleep around in a message on her Facebook page on Tuesday, September 14, addressed to the ‘drug addict.’

She also denied having an illegitimate relationship with anyone’s husband, stating that she would never date a married guy.

Read her post below…

To whom it may concern

It’s really funny how when you prevent someone from having access to you or getting close to you they result to blackmail, Unfortunately it won’t work with me

I tried to respond earlier but I was told to ignore the drug addict but the truth is sometimes silence is consent, if you try that with others please don’t try it with me

Not every lady associated with politics is loosed, Anyone’s perception about me doesn’t matter to me but I try to make it clear, Food when I nor dey eat nor dey take am clean my mouth

I understand that he’s looking for clout I will give it to him so he can as well rest well. Sarah Igunbor is not a loosed woman or even one greedy for money, I was well raised by my parents and I still stay with them. I don’t leave a lavish lifestyle either on social media or in real life.

I have never gone to anybody’s office to beg to be given appointment or any sort of favour and my true friends would testify,I’m a very simple person, I don’t have the strength to impress anyone.

Yes I’m attractive and intelligent I can’t help it, it’s not fault people find me attractive however I have never had any kind of illicit affair with anybody’s husband and never would be, Nobody I repeat nobody has anything on me so blackmail cannot move me take it to the Bank. 

My only problem as a young woman is lending my voice in political affairs, standing firmly for my principal and being a woman

I remain an unapologetic Supporter, it can’t change, I cannot be blackmailed into silence

Food when I nor dey eat I nor dey take am rub mouth thank you

Peace and Nepa



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