Ghana Registered Nurse and Midwives Association (GRNAMA) has disclosed that they will prioritize their wellbeing and life over patients if the government refused to provide them PPEs.

They indicated that they will stop working should the government refuse to provide them the Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to health centers across the country.

GRNMA revealed that they are not soldiers and did not pledge to put their lives on the line to protect the people.

Their Public Relations Officer PRO, Joseph Krampah stated this during an interview on Happy FM’s morning show.

Health workers, unlike soldiers, didn’t pledge to put their lives down for the nation. We said we will save lives regardless of tribe and treat all lives as equals. If we don’t receive the PPEs, then it means we have to be cautious and move away from the virus.”


He explained that when the covid19 pandemic popped up, they called on the government to address their concerns but refused now there are no PPEs for them.

He concluded that they demand PPEs from the government with immediate effect.


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