A pretty lady who goes by the ridiculous moniker Okpo Tyre on Facebook and other social media platforms has been busted by eagle-eyed social media users for posing as a lawyer and deceiving people all this while.

Okpo Tyre, according to those who know her very well within the realms of social media, is a very loud person who intimidates others on Facebook platforms with her incongruous vocabularies while slapping those who step on her toes with her conceitedness. She’s always in a quick mode to insult and shove her nonexisting high profile down people’s throat.


The young lady passed herself off as an astute lawyer after she posted a photo of herself some time ago wearing a robe that lawyers wear along with a wig. She earned high praise from her followers and at a point in time, she allegedly started rendering her service to clients she found on Facebook.

But apparently, she isn’t what she claimed she is and now she’s trending for the wrong reasons. Sensing danger, Okpo Tyre has reportedly deactivated her Facebook account and has gone into hiding.

See her photos below;



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