Omah Lay originally born Stanley Omah Didia is a Nigerian songwriter and singer. Omah Lay was born in Port Harcourt on May 19 1997. He is 23 years of age

Early Life

Growing up, Omah Lay started producing music at an early age as he took after his grandfather who was a percussionist for legendary Highlife singer Celestine Ukwu.

His dad who also was a drummer in as much as he didn’t reach higher heights yet he was the sounded hero in their locality in terms of drumming.


According to the singer, he started music at the age of 15 when he was a producer for a very long time and the started singing again.

Omah Lay’s style of music is decribed as a fusion of Burna Boy meeting Wizkid in one voice. One can call his style Afro-Fusion.

Singles like Hello Brother and Do Not Disturb which was released in the year 2019 started his emergence into the music scene but got everybody’s attention with ”You” and ”Bad Influence” which was off his debut EP Get Layd


Following the validating reception of both singles, Omah Lay shared the Get Layd EP contained other songs like Damn, LoLo, and Ye Ye Ye, which he released on May 22 to rudder-stamped the endorsement of his talent.

His first single which debuted on February 14, 2020, has been streamed numerously across all major music platforms and went ahead to top charts including Cool FM Tastemakers’ chart and Soundcity Top 20.

Omah Lay has been tipped by Native Mag on their March episode of ‘Fresh Meat’ as an artist to look out for in 2020.

Omah Lay is signed to Dvpper Music and is the first African artiste to be highlighted by the Africa Rising Initiative launched by Apple Music, a music and video streaming platform.



  1. All I have to say is he is a cool guy his voice is smooth and loving I really like that guy,I pray one I will meet you and shake ur hand.i am stephen I will to be a good singer in days to come.

  2. Miracle Otiasah Reply

    I want to join you in singing
    Pls omah lay
    I am an upcoming artiste

  3. Omah lay the fact that i have’nt seen u before dosen’t mean i dont like u,for me u are the best i love all ur songs especially bad infulence, hello brother,damn,lolo,ye ye ye and other one’s and i just want to be part of music because i can sing some of the musics written here.

  4. Well i like to say omah lay is really trying despites d facts am an upcoming artist and a young blogger of just 16years old if only there are alot of people to support us Omah lay will turn out to be a warrior and hero than most top Nigerian artists of today. this is just the beginning expects more trending music jamz from the young minds

  5. Bright wizzy Reply

    I like that guy is voice is cool and smooth he is a cool guy he doesn’t rush song

  6. Bright wizzy Reply

    I like that guy because he is a cool and smooth singer he doesn’t rush song

  7. Omah lay is a very good and talented singer I so much love his music keep winning omah!

  8. I really like omah lay. He is cute, and has a very lovely vioce. I love all his music. And I will love to see him smile once it will be really nice. And am also coming to Lagos to visit us. Love u.
    And pls smile.

  9. Omah lay is a cool singer,his songs are so captivating.i so much like him and love his voice.

  10. Yeah… He does make good music and damn,he’s good with his voice.
    I’m an up and coming artiste too.

  11. Omah lay actually u are doing well.
    Plz i can also be ur dancer.
    U can also check my videos on youtube.

  12. U got my 100% love and attention bby boo continue making me proud
    I love u big time and I got ur back💪💪💪Always

  13. Michael edomobi Reply

    Omah lay pls am Michael here is my WhatsApp number 08160251094. U no say I no fit get ur number but take my own abeg an add me up pls no be say I de insult u pls, am a musician but no body to help me, am 17 years old , I de find boss since but I don see my boss now an is u I swear u go be my boss pls omah lay help me, am from imo State but we live in PH an I was born in PH also pls omah lay help me pls pls pls omah lay my boss .

  14. Enter your comment here.. You’ve got the voice nd luv u alot so keep the vibe moving

  15. Omay lay is a cool funny guy with his words oluwa na him be my kanjidam

  16. Alpha Peter Reply

    Infact I don’t know what to say because omah lay is a good guy I love ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ his music 🎷 🎷 he is a good and gentle guy 👦 I pray 🙏 🙏 🙏 I should be like him one day 🎂 🎂 🎂 amen

  17. i wish to meet him in person so i can tell him how much i love him

  18. Omah lay I like Musician but ur own luv is differ from those one’s
    Omah lay ur they Best I Swear

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