Francess Chizoba Obanye, a burn survivor, has reached the 17-year mark since her acid attack.


In 2004, Francess was 9 years old when her uncle’s wife broke into her bed while she was sleeping and spilled a bucket of acid on her face.

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On Wednesday, November 17, the Anambra State University graduate turned to Instagram to celebrate her life, years after the terrible incident.

“A day like today!! I cried till there was no more tears in my eyes. A day like today I felt pains that I won’t forget till I die,” she wrote. 

“A day like today I asked so many questions that I am yet to get the answers till today!

“On the 17th of November I started a journey!! This day took our my physical beauty but didn’t take away who I was.

“This day gave me scars that will always remind me!! Yes that this girl is really a strong girl . Today I am celebrating life

“This is my 17th year of always smiling even when it hurts deep down me!! Even in my next life to come I will always choose me

“Happy 17th year Anniversary to me and I can boldly say to myself,Hey girl you are a strong girl. 17-2004 to 17-2021.



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