The spokesperson for the families of the 3 missing Takoradi girls in a recent interview told KSM that one of the girls in the case called her mother after she was taken to beg for her help.

The spokesperson identified as Michael Hayford Acquah said one of the girls, Ruth Love Quayson called her mother after she was taken and told her she had been kidnapped.

“Mum please save me, save me where they have put me I don’t know anybody here, some people have kidnapped me,” these were the words of the terrified girl.

However, Michael Hayford Acquah indicated that when his cousin rushed to the Market Circle Police Station in Takoradi to make a formal complaint, the police further referred him to the Takoradi Central Police Station where the family was informed to make any other further information available to the police for prompt action.

Although they gave information such as the fact that Ruth called for help, the kidnappers have asked for a ransom and are now controlling her phone were told to the police, they failed to act upon it in due time.


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