Pamela Odame Watara is trending like bushfire in the hazy harmattan season and it all has to do with her porn video which hit the internet yesterday- January 31st.

The fast rising model who’s of Ghanaian and Kenyan decent, is captured in the video fondling her incredibly large breast and inserting her fingers into her bushy vagina.

According to what we gathered, the Instagram model intentionally uploaded the disturbing videos on some top porn websites in order to earn a revenue via streaming.

This is just unbelievable but unfortunately that’s the sad and stark reality majority of these ‘flashy’ female celebs are into.

We don’t know if this could grind her career to a halt but one thing we know is, the internet does not forget.

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  1. YES OF COURSE Pamela Odame Watara’s BREAST are the best among the World so far
    But the other Lady whom also claimed to have the best and Exotic Vagina is also having
    the best BREAST as well.

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