A Ghanaian pastor has sadly revealed why a nurse at the Tema General Hospital told him to prepare for his death by selling all his properties because he was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.


This pastor made this known in a recent interview on MX24 TV where he lamented how rude the nurse was to him.

Identified asRev. John Azumah, he stated that the nurse told him straight that he was going to die so he should prepare.

Speaking on how it happened, he stated that during his wife’s second pregnancy, she got sick and after failing to find the cause of the sickness, they were referred to the Tema General Hospital.

At Tema General Hospital, a series of tests were conducted and it was revealed that they had tested positive for the deadly disease.

He added that his wife nearly committed suicide due to the stigma coupled with their expulsion from the church in which he was a pastor.

In his submission, he said;

“The health facility was the first to stigmatize us and that day, I can never forget the story. I speak with evidence. Probably today, they have changed but I know some of those old attitudes remain today. 21 years ago at the Tema General Hospital, when we did the [HIV] test, the nurse said ‘you and your wife are living with AIDS’. Then I asked, ‘what shall we do?’ Then she said, ‘You are going to die because all your predecessors who came couldn’t survive. They all died.’ Then she added that if I had any property, I could start selling them.”

Source: www.ghgossip.com


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