We have chanced on a Ghanaian female coach who is the head coach of a male football team, something which is quite ‘weird’ in an area which is hugely dominated by males.

She was identified as Patience Aggrey and sharing her story she revealed how difficult it was to cope with the task of catering for her family as well as managing her football team.

Sharing her story, here is what she said;

“In the last 21 years, I have been juggling the demanding role of her passion as a footballing coach and the equally daunting role of motherhood.

They go to school, so I wake up early and do the household chores. When they leave, I then get ready for training. We close at 10 am. After which I rush back home to prepare food for the family before the kids return from school. I get to rest after all that.”


Her son affirms his mother’s passion for her coaching career and indicates that: ”When I’m walking with my teammates and hungry my mother won’t give me money, she would rather give it to one of the players because she doesn’t want to see them go hungry.”

She indicated that despite her husband’s support, Patience reveals she sells men’s wear and airtime to finance the club.


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