The Ghana Psychological Council has said popular radio and TV personality, George Lutterodt, cannot hold himself as a Counsellor.

The Council has cited the controversial speaker of being in contravention of the Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act, by calling and holding himself up as a counselor as well as providing counselling service on radio and on television.

Reacting to all these news on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review show on Saturday with Kwesi Abogye, he said,

After this news of they banning me went out, i see a lot of people rejoicing; those people think Counselling is my only job and so i would go hungry, they should go and ask about me very well. I work at Korle Bu Hospital, they should go and ask about my position over there. All that’s happening i see it as a vindictiveness; there are other people on TV and Radio calling themselves Counselors but they’ve not written to the Media about them,?


He continued,

“I am a pastoral counsellor… I have certificates, I have learnt and still learning. I was trained by a school… but the only challenge is that whatever training you have, it was made clear to us that our certificates cannot run circular. Within what I have learnt so far, I am a qualified pastoral counsellor not by their council (Psychological Council) …they cannot, till I die ban me in this country, never!” an angry Mr Lutterodt added.

Counselor’ Lutterodt added that he’s organizing a press conference live on UTV this Friday to react to the news that he’s being banned because as at now, he has not been served any letter by the GPC.


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