The generational idiots some people have become aptly aided by technological tools and social media has been highlighted in Zambia after a man failed to help a dying man but instead took video of his last moments.

The Police has swiftly asked the man to report himself and explain why he failed to help a truck driver who was getting burnt to death in his truck after a ghastly accident but instead was taking video.

The truck driver, Mr.Zulu 55 died on the spot after the Volvo Truck he was driving laden with cooking oil lost control, overturned and burst into flames.

The Zambia Observer reports that Mr Zulu was still alive before the flames engulfed the driver’s seat,he could be heard in the video screaming in pain as he begged a man only identified as Besa who was 10 metres from the burning Truck to help him but Besa continued taking the video with no human regard or helping instinct.

Zulu was very much alive and cried several times for help before the fire engulfed the driver’s seat and burnt him to ashes.

“We want the man who took that video to report himself and help with further investigations also explain clearly why the life of the driver who was calling for help at that time was not preserved”said Eastern Province Deputy Police Commissioner Geoffrey Kunda.


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