Poor Guys Don't Approach Me At All Because They Can't Afford Me, I'm Not Their Size; Poor Guys Are Not My Level - Ella Mensah

Nigerian-based Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah has disclosed that  poor guys don’t approach her at all. She also disclosed on the Delay Show that most Ghanaian guys are jobless.

oo i’m done dating a Ghanaian guy, most of them are very jobless and so they worry too much; Most Ghanaian guy are kiss-and-tell kind of people, i won’t date any of them again. Now, i would date only the Whites, they have lots of money and not this poor Ghanaian guys

She continued,

”Poor guys don’t approach me at all; if poor men see me, they pass because they themselves know i’m not their size, i’m not their level at all, they can’t afford me.”

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