Most Christians are of the view that, if one can be considered as a ‘good Christian’, he or she should be regular during church services. This, they have their basis from the Bible as it is written that, ‘DO NOT FORSAKE THE ASSEMBLY OF THE GODLY’.

Yet, popular Nigerian actor, Bolanle Ninalowo, aka Nino B is claiming to be a Christian but doesn’t go to church, after revealing in a recent interview that he had never been in a church.

“When I was going through dark times, I started reading my Bible and began to understand better how life works. Don’t forget that I was born a Muslim. I have never actually been to church to worship but I renew my covenant with God in my room. It has worked for me over the years, though I realise I may have to go to church at some point. However, I would feel more blessed worshipping with my wife because without her, things wouldn’t be complete.”, he said in the interview.

When asked if he believes in paying tithes, Bolanle said, “Yes and I pay tithes every day. Not by going to church and giving someone my money but by touching lives in whatever way I can.”

Source: www.ghgossip.com


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