Prince Harry, Requests To Be Addressed As “Harry” And not “Prince Harry”

Prince Harry shocked people as they sat down wondering why he asked an event host to refer to him as just “Harry” without the title “Prince”.

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Ever since news broke out that Harry and his wife Meghan have decided to step down from royal duties and live their own life, a lot has happened to them, especially with Meghan, being accused as the mastermind behind the move. They’ve been surrounded with hate speeches from the british media and other entities alongside losing some royal bebefits.

The latest to happen to the them was the relinquishing of their royal titles as requested by her majesty, Queen Elizabeth. Harry had until 31 March to give up the title but the young man has already given it up. He asked attendees at a tourism conference to refer to him as “Harry,” as he begins his final round of public engagements before beginning a new life away from the British royal family with his wife and children.

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 Harry spoke at an eco-tourism summit on behalf of his travel conservation program, Travalyst, in Edinburgh, Scotland, and while he stuck to the script, there was one mention from the event’s host, Ayesha Hazarika, that was very telling. 

Ayesha Hazarika, said:

He’s made it clear that we are all just to call him Harry, so ladies and gentlemen please give a big, warm Scottish welcome to Harry.

He walked onto the stage majestically and hugged the host for a good introduction then moved on with his speech.