Ghanaian investigative journalist of international repute, Manasseh Azure Awuni has clearly stated that the recent controversial book published by NDC stalwart Professor Kwamena Ahwoi won’t affect the party in any way.

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The book titled, Working Rawlings, has been touted by some political analysts as a slap in the face of NDC at this crucial time when Ghana is going to the polls very soon. Mr. Azure Awuni thinks otherwise as he came up with his own opinion about the book and NDC’s chances.

“I fail to see how Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi’s book is an attack on the NDC and its chances in the next election. Former President Rawlings, who’s mainly the subject of “negative” revelations in the book, is no longer central to the success of the NDC.


The NDC is gradually shifting away from the cult system when the founder’s/founders’ influence was so enormous that it could determine the victory or defeat of the party,” he stated. Mr. Azure Awuni went on to explain that Prof Ahwoi’s book serves a useful purpose in throwing light on the happenings in the Rawlings era since Rawlings himself is yet to write.

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Prof. Ahwoi is an insider. The Ahwoi Brothers have been very influential in the NDC.  It doesn’t mean that everything he says is true but writing about the happenings in the Rawlings era is important, especially when Rawlings himself has not written. Those with different accounts should write theirs,” he said.



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