It could be recalled that the pastor got his prophecies on the matches between Brazil and Argentina and that of England and Italy all wrong.

In the Brazil match, he indicated that the Lord has told him, Brazil is going to win which Brazil lost. He also stated that England was going to win, which England also didn’t.

Taking to his verified social media handle on Twitter, former Nigerian presidential aide, Reno Omokri shared the video of the pastor making the prophecy with the caption;

“Watch As Popular Ghanaian Prophet, Badu Kobi, Prophesies That England Will Win #Euro2020Final”

This opened the floodgate for other comments and some of the comments the post received are;

@koredemichael – Pastor don use people’s tithe stake for England to win..
Bad market

@Adolphus_E_ – When God wants to show you He’s Superior. He makes the Team lose three penalty straight. I wonder how he’s going to show his face to his crowd next Sunday and what excuse he intends making.

@edusco4 – Lol .. he thought England will beat Italy. Anyway, he will still come out of it. He will claim that he was calling the England coach to do an assignment God asked him to tell them to do but he did not take his calls. Just wait for it.

@iam_methuselah – In a civilized nation by next service only him and his family members will be in that church

@drationalst – That’s the mistake people do. Using their personal prediction and intuition to deceive people with the name of God. Father have mercy we are erred!!!

@Agatech_Mattcom – Alot of people bet England to win with a very huge amount of money, football unpredictable.. the prophet will defend himself by next Sunday, he might likely say that Gareth use wrong players

@JamesKaycee – Most pastors don’t actually hear from God , and they’re quick to give out prediction instead of prophecy, it’s about time some of these pastors know the difference between prediction and prophecy



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