The name Queen Farcadi definitely rings a bell in your ears, doesn’t it? Okay for starters, she’s a very young lady who does Ashawo on SnapChat for a living.

Yeah she’s not your ordinary kind of prostitute. She’s a big time Ashawo who runs her business online and only attract the rich and the mighty, not the coins ordinary slay queens charge for sleeping with multiple men.

Funny part is, Farcadi got pregnant for one of her clients and decided to halt her business for a while. We can’t tell if she will continue when the baby grows or use the huge fortune she has amassed through her illicit trade for other ventures.


Okay so we are good to delve into the import of this article now that you know who Farcadi is.

In a new video, Queen Farcadi said she has slept with men from different parts of the world, from Abuja, Lagos, Delta State, Accra, Kumasi to other popular cities.

She also revealed how good the Ashawo business has been and bla bla bla…




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