Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna and his beautiful wife, Sonia divorced some years.


News about their divorce dominated major news headlines for quite some time and after the news broke out, Sonia made a tall list of allegations.

Some of the allegations included the fact that her husband couldn’t take care of her like how she wanted and also indicated that where they stayed was full of mosquitoes.

Well, we think there is more to it than what we think because of what she said in a recent social media post she made.

In a recent Question and Answer session with her fans, one of her fans asked;

“Ever dated a dark skin man”

And she answered;


The actor is fair and if she has boldly declared her type of man, then it means she wasn’t into the guy in the first place.

This might also mean a different thing and we would like to take your thoughts about this in our comments section.



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