A viral video surfaced yesterday (August 6) which captured actor Don Little weeping like a baby and asking Funny Face for forgiveness. 

Although the diminutive actor failed to state categorically his offence against the comedian for which reason he was begging like a kid, we gathered that Don Little betrayed and stabbed the former Chorkor Trotro actor after making him (Don Little) famous.

Funny Face himself responded to Little’s video and said he had forgiven him but neither of them really stating what was going on.

Apparently, Don was discovered by Funny Face who featured him in his series ‘Cow and Chicken’ and through that he became famous.

Don used to sell recharge cards at Kasoa where Funny Face discovered him and reportedly housed and fed him for over 6 months.

As the narratives goes, Don Little started acting weird towards Funny Face after he had made him famous; he even accused him of stealing some money from him in a deal.

This obviously angered Funny Face who felt he has been greatly led down by some he literally picked from the streets.

Source: www.ghgossip.com


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