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Reasons Why The Late Ebony Reigns Might Lose Artiste Of The Year To Shatta Wale


A lot has been said in regards to the forthcoming ceremony of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards which is slated to take place in the next few days. Controversies have cropped out generating a whole lot of hullabaloos pertaining to the nomination list which were released months ago.

Critics and various media houses have spoken and most music lovers have had positive and negative views with some of the musicians complaining of not being recognized under the year of review.

Meanwhile, the talk of the town has been subjected to who wins the enviable accolade ”Artiste Of The Year” for the night. The likes of Stonebwoy, Ebony, Shatta Wale, Joe Mettle, Sarkodie among others made it to the list of nominees in the enviable accolade category.

Though views on the street and social media are all about Ebony, Ebony Ebony which she equally deserves it then the question sets in why give an accolade to the dead whiles a living equally deserves the same award per the scheme’s criteria in selecting Artiste of the year under the year of review. Below are reasons why Ebony might lose the award to Shatta Wale

1. Poor Structures In Our Industry

Guys let us be realistic, our industry lacks structures. Michael Jackson died over a decade yet his family still enjoys from his works and yes it got to a time even when he ‘performed’ on BET with his colleague living musicians. His legacy leaves on not because he has good products but then their entertainment industry has structures so why call for the late Ebony Reigns as Artiste of the Year whiles our industry lacks proper structures to continue her good works meanwhile a living act Shatta Wale equally deserves the nod just like Ebony even if she were to be alive it would have been a tough competition between the two how much more she is no more. Personally, I feel since we don’t have the proper structures to continue her legacy it would just be appropriate to give it to the living who is equally 100% a contender to win the nod.

2. Ebony’s Label Not Doing Much

For one or two reasons which are yet not known to us, the late Ebony Reigns’ former label, Ruff Town Records are not pushing the shortcode flyer which fans of the late musician would use to vote for her. Unless maybe the label is no more interested in the awards but then again the same label even after her death used the late Ebony Reigns’ social media accounts to released her works for the fans but cannot use the same platform to advertise her shortcode flyers? Meanwhile, Ebony’s competitor (Shatta Wale) who equally per statistics deserves the award is also doing the meaningful.

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